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AR - The Future of Mobile Map Directions
24th May 2018

The potential for Augmented Reality technology to provide better location based mobile experiences is huge. We created a prototype that gives you a guided tour around London through your phone’s camera. We share our learnings and challenges and thoughts on the the future of AR map applications.

3 Things. Issues #4-6
4th April 2018

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A PMs journey into design and code
16th March 2018

Last week I decided to start the Design+Code course by Meng To. It was a spur of the moment decision when our Head of Tech mentioned it in a meeting, he had heard good things about the online course which has you learning to design and code an iOS app using Sketch and Swift. I was sold.

3 Things. Issues #1-3
20th February 2018

The first 3 issues of '3 Things' our newsletter sharing fantastic tech, products and ideas that we come across. Get signed up!

The Digital Dictionary
23rd January 2018

The IDEAS MADE digital dictionary is a list of words and terms frequently used during the lifecycle of a digital production project.

Animating Code
4th May 2017

Animating Code using Adobe After effects and the incredible Squall Plugin, making high quality, professional, sharp vector graphics for iOS apps. Convert rendered animations into objective-c or swift code within minutes.

Your One Stop Shop for Inspiration
4th April 2017

Every so often, you hit a wall. Sometimes it’s Monday and you just can’t push past that lazy weekend feeling. Other times you’re trying to power through Wednesday and hard as you try, you can’t seem turn off sleep mode. But there’s work to be done every Monday and Wednesday (and Friday - hope you didn’t think you were getting away with that one), so we’ve managed to find a few go-to resources to rely on when inspiration hits an all time low.

Ideas Made Sustainable
27th February 2017

It wouldn’t be enough to think about “going green” simply as an office initiative. Search ‘plastic waste’ on Google and you’ll be met with imagery that’s affecting our entire ecosystem - imagery that makes us realise “going green” is a necessity, not just an initiative.

Simple Can Be Damn Hard: UX Design for Nine
14th February 2017

NINE is an app built for visual thinkers. Think: those of us who use photos snapped on the go as a way of remembering things we want to take action on . It lets you capture quickly, organise simply and find easily. No more scrolling through your entire photo library to find that elusive picture you saved once upon a time…

What's the Point of Prototyping?
30th January 2017

The road to product glory is littered with the broken bodies of those who didn’t want to test their assumptions. It’s sometimes simple to generate ideas in isolation and to get swept up in their possibilities, perhaps even more so when working in a group. But testing your assumptions early and frequently is the best way to ensure that you’re producing something your users genuinely need and want.

Snap and Save: How To Use Nine For Fashion Week 2017
6th February 2017

Ladies and gentleman, it’s (almost) time. For some, it’s the most exciting event of the year and for others it’s that time of year when your social media feeds are flooded with the #NYFW​ hashtag and it takes you a few days to catch on.

How Artificially Intelligent is a Chatbot?
24th January 2017

2017 is set to be the year that artificial intelligence turns the world on its head. Widespread automation will lead to a loss of jobs in every sector with transportation, logistics and administration as the first to go.

Food in The Artworks: What’s for Lunch?
18th January 2017

9 am: Drink your coffee, settle in, figure out what needs to get done for the day. 10 am: Start thinking about lunch. That’s generally how it works in our offices. Yup, we love our food! Fortunately for us, The Artworks gives us more than a few options to choose from - and we think many of these are worth trying out for yourself.

Our Journey with the Amazon Echo Begins…
16th January 2017

Word on the street (okay, the internet) is the Amazon Echo sold out online over Christmas. The device seems to be gaining momentum fast or, at the very least, it’s being talked about. We’ve heard good things from friends and co-workers about it’s performance as a product - excellent sound quality, listening capability and reaction speed plus the ability to link to your other services.

Doubling Your Business in 12 Months
13th January 2017

During the course of 2016, amidst a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty, Ideas Made effectively doubled in size – with twice as many staff, an 80% increase in revenue and the opening of our new tech centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. However, despite making great strides forward as a business, it wasn’t without its challenges.

Tools Of The Trade: Startup Edition
4th January 2017

We’re not going to talk through what we do - instead we’ll focus on how we get it done. After testing out (most of) the tools in the toolbox, we’ve honed in on a few we now rely on to get us through the daily grind, big campaigns and projects, the hiring process and more.

Building the Amazon Dash Button (or something like it)
19th December 2016

First things first — no, we didn’t actually create the Amazon Dash button. A client of ours came to us with a similar project in mind, and we were excited to bring it to life. Since we’re under NDA (and still in the process of field testing), we won’t reveal who this project is for just yet.

Introducing Our New Product: Covet
5th December 2016

The idea for our latest project came about as a follow-up to NINE​, a visual to-do list app we released just last year. Since its launch, NINE has been featured by Apple in 37 countries and praised by Wired, Stuff and Gizmodo magazines.

Should We Stick with Snapchat?
24th November 2016

If you fancy yourself a digital nerd, you’ve likely read Campaign’s recent article​ about Snapchat seeming easier to skip out on nowadays. With Instagram’s latest update emulating most of Snapchat’s selling features (namely the disappearing content), marketers are left wondering if the platform is worth their time anymore.

Back to School with BIMA
22nd November 2016

Picture this: You just turned the big 1-3, you’re surrounded by adults, and despite your best efforts to avoid all boring conversation topics - someone smiles down at you and says “so, what is it you want to be when you grow up?”