Food in The Artworks: What’s for Lunch?
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Maia Bridi

9 am: Drink your coffee, settle in, figure out what needs to get done for the day. 10 am: Start thinking about lunch. That’s generally how it works in our offices. Yup, we love our food! Fortunately for us, The Artworks gives us more than a few options to choose from - and we think many of these are worth trying out for yourself.

We’ve put together a few recommendations and reviews below, so next time you’re in the area you’ll know exactly where to go grab yourself a bite to eat.

Love Fresh Vietnamese

Turns out, you don’t have to skimp on taste to get some fresh, healthy food. Love Fresh Vietnamese’s unique menu offers some lighter options for those days where you just can’t afford a food coma. Plus, the staff are super friendly and your food will always be delivered with a smile.

Staff recommendations: Chicken and rice with scotch bonnet & fish sauce (previously described as “da bomb”), or lemongrass chicken with salad and peanut sauce.

Tasty Jerk

The best bang for your buck - Tasty Jerk delivers when it comes to portions. Their menu is inspired by Caribbean cuisine, and there’s a good chance they’ll be able to satisfy any and all cravings if you’re a meat lover.  

Staff recommendations: Oxtail with rice and peas, or go classic with the jerk chicken (according to Victor from our marketing team, it’s the perfect fuel to get you through the day).

The Athenian

The Athenian’s authentic and freshly made souvlaki is one of those meals you’ll want to keep coming back to (which is okay, because they have a few different locations in London). They offer a variety of different flavours, plus some delicious grilled halloumi and sauces to go around.

Staff recommendation: Wild boar sausage and halloumi box - or get it to go in a wrap!

Marcel & Sons

Know much about Mauritian street food? We didn’t either, until we decided to taste test Marcel & Son (once, then twice, then 60 times). The menu is simple, but everything has a unique (and extremely satisfying) taste. Head to Marcel & Son if you’re in the mood to try something new and different. You’ll never look back.

Staff recommendation: Bol Renversé - an upside down bowl of steamed rice, chicken, shitaki mushroom and mauritian sausage mixed in with a sweet wine sauce and topped with a fried egg plus pickled cucumber and chilli. Sound epic? That’s because it is.

The Frenchie Bistro

If your mood is “treat yourself”, this is your place. The Frenchie Bistro has managed to create a real rustic French vibe within a shipping container, and once you walk in you’ll want to stay put. Our very own Stu fell in love at first sight: “I love the authenticity. The wine, the cured meats hanging from the wall, the garlic aroma… ooh la la!”

Staff recommendation: Confit duck burger with duck fat chips and aioli. Yes, please.

Cupcakes and Shhht

Cupcakes and Shhht comes in first place for cosiest space in the The Artworks, with the most eclectic decor. They’re our staff’s go-to when it comes to coffee and breakfast treats, but they’ve also got some great lunch options on the menu (especially if you’re vegan).

Staff recommendation: Vegan burger - a medley of black beans, vegetables and spices topped with caramelised onions, sweet potato fries, pickles and vegan mayo.

Now that you’re hungry enough to come by for a visit, tweet us at @_IdeasMade and tell us which one of these fantastic food spots is calling your name. Until then, we’ll be thinking about our next meal.