Introducing Our New Product: Covet
4 minute read
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James Fox

‘Tis the season to uncover Covet.

The idea for our latest project came about as a follow-up to NINE, a visual to-do list app we released just last year. Since its launch, NINE has been featured by Apple in 37 countries and praised by Wired, Stuff and Gizmodo magazines. As its community continued to grow, we found many of our users were using the app to bookmark things they wanted to buy - and so we decided to build this feature out further with Covet.

The app comes along at a time when people increasingly use their phones in-store and photos are a growing medium for reminders. After a few months of user research, the team tapped into these trends and came up with a few additional features to make this practice part of a simple, useful every-day ritual. Covet promises to be your favourite shopping companion whether you’re browsing local shops or enjoying a lazy Sunday in bed - for two reasons:

  • Covet makes it easy to remember what’s on your wish-list and where to find it. With the app, users can snap a photo of the product they love, add their location, and save it to revisit later on.

  • Covet acts as a discovery tool - allowing users to find new, unique products within the app and giving them the details needed to track down the ones they like. The ‘featured’ and ‘follow’ tabs will showcase simple, scrollable lists of favourite items from the team at Covet, and from users you’ve chosen to follow.

If you’d like to test out Covet, head to the app store to download the app for free. Our products are always a work in progress, and we welcome any feedback with open arms. Send us a note! 

Curious to know what the design process was like for Covet? Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post detailing Covet’s development from start to finish.