Should We Stick with Snapchat?
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Maia Bridi

If you fancy yourself a digital nerd, you’ve likely read Campaign’s recent article about Snapchat seeming easier to skip out on nowadays. With Instagram’s latest update emulating most of Snapchat’s selling features (namely the disappearing content), marketers are left wondering if the platform is worth their time anymore.

It seems even before Instagram set out to take back its audience from Snapchat, marketers were wary about going all in on the platform - because of the price, the learning curve, the lack of analytics, or just because they didn’t quite “get it”.

So, where do we stand on Snapchat these days? Turns out a few of us stand in very different places (as in, one’s southeast and the other’s northwest), so here are a few of the perspectives here at Ideas Made:

Q: Instagram or Snapchat?


“Instagram. I feel Snapchat is more of a bragging tool. I used it for roughly a month and found it pointless” - Anthony, Product Designer

“Snapchat.  It’s more personal and made for sharing your day-to-day life.” - Tosin, Digital Marketing Manager

“Instagram. I remember when it was still cool and only people who worked in creative agencies were using it. As someone in their mid-30’s it’s only now that all of my friends are onboard. And the advertising opportunities are only just starting to come online now that they’ve built a huge user base so there’s plenty to explore for brands.” -James, Head of Innovation

Instagram was the big winner here. While some of us appreciate Snapchat’s call for more real-time and “real” content, others tend to think of it as a platform for throw-away content, for the most part. The carefully curated feel of Instagram came out on top, with 70% of our team choosing to keep ‘gramming instead of snapping.

Q: Do you think marketers should continue focusing on and using Snapchat?


“It’s worth experimenting. They have 200m users per month - there are innovative opportunities for brands to be part of the platform and get some good exposure.” -Andy, CEO

“It’s the right tool for the right job if you’re trying to target a younger demographic. I think some brands perhaps don’t suit it’s unpolished style. Use with caution…” - Iain, Product Designer

“You can’t ignore the number of active global users. Snapchat is great for established brands, not so much for ‘Bob The Builder’” - Stu, Digital Marketing Manager

Ross, our Head of Media, is so enthusiastic about sticking to Snapchat, he decided to answer with his very own Snap Story.

The general consensus here is that the platform deserves attention, at the very least. Snapchat can be a great asset if you’re looking to communicate with a specific audience, especially if you already have a solid social presence going. We won’t be ruling it out anytime soon.

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