Snap and Save: How To Use Nine For Fashion Week 2017
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Preeti Vadgama

Ladies and gentleman, it’s (almost) time. For some, it’s the most exciting event of the year and for others it’s that time of year when your social media feeds are flooded with the #NYFW hashtag and it takes you a few days to catch on.

Either way, this week will highlight the latest and greatest from the fashion industry. Our visual to-do list app, NINE, promises to be a great companion for the week. There are nine categories within the app to help you organise all the visual reminders you normally store on your camera roll: do, go, buy, listen, watch, read, note, love and make. Here are some of the best ways to use NINE during New York Fashion Week:

  1. You’re bound to spot something you love on or off the runway, and chances are you’ll want to bookmark it for later. Snap a photo and categorise it under ‘love’ or ‘buy’. Your ‘love’ category will be a great place to stash inspiration (a mini mood board, if you will) whereas ‘buy’ will become your new and improved wish-list.

  2. More of a maker? Use the ‘do’ or ‘make’ categories as a reminder to get going on your own designs. If you see something that might inspire your own creations, capture it and categorise it under one of those two tags so you’ll have it handy for the start of your next project.

  3. Headed to Fashion Week with your blogging brain switched on? Use the ‘note’ category to snap things you need to remember for your post - specific designers, quotes, decorations, etc.

  4. ‘Go’ can be used in many ways, but here’s what we’d recommend: Before making your way to fashion week, curate a list of shows you’d like to get to and pile them all in there. Otherwise, when you’re running around NYC and spot a place you’d like to go to later - snap, save and be on your way.

Headed to Fashion Week as a buyer or a shopper? NINE’s follow-up app Covet might be an even better way for you to save all the pieces you’re excited about in one place. Covet makes it easy to remember what’s on your wish-list and where to find it. With the app, users can snap a photo of the product they love, add their location, and save it to revisit later on. You can take a look here.

If you end up downloading NINE or Covet to accompany you during your #NYFW adventures, let us know how it goes and drop us a line with any thoughts or feedback you might have. In the meantime, have fun!