We're on a Mission
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Andy Shanks

Ideas Made are a team of makers and marketers. A team that share similar values, passions and experiences with track records at some of the world’s best digital advertising agencies. A team that all share an affinity to produce, to take a great idea and work out how to make it happen, make it better and make it thrive through experimentation, iteration, analysis and ambitious goals.  And the one thing that stands out is our collective desire to make something tangible, something useful and valuable with people in mind.

We are here to solve problems with useful digital products and to tell the world about them. To make them together, and to collaborate with talented and entrepreneurial people who are great to work with.

And we are on a mission to create the best digital product and marketing studio in the world

Ideas Made was set up at time when business and marketing were rapidly changing. Inspired by technology, people were starting to get tired of advertising and wanted services and data that made their lives easier from brands they trust. This next wave of tech-lead businesses will have far greater social and environmental responsibility, which are values true to our hearts. We want to help these businesses create and grow great products, and make a contribution by creating our own.

It is no coincidence that our first product NINE, a visual to-do list, is a utility app. We were delighted that Apple featured it in 27 countries. It’s a simple app but a first validation for us as a business that we could create a product, release it to the world and get paid per download. The amount of work to release that one app was eye opening. We knew we had an ambitious mission but it became clear just how challenging and how much work it would take to achieve it. Product development is tough as we have experienced first hand. For a successful product you need the full package. A problem to solve, a solution people understand, a well made desirable user friendly product, a brand identity, a marketing and promotion plan to build and nurture a community of users and a roadmap of updates, changes and improvements to stay competitive. You need time, lots of it, and dedication to do whatever it takes to make it thrive.

Ideas are not worthless but execution is everything

We believe that making a good product is only half the story, you need to sell it and market it effectively to turn it into something successful. We have been working very hard over the last 2 years to build a great team of makers and marketers to help us achieve our mission.  Finding the right people has been the biggest challenge to our business. We have experimented with various recruitment methods and have managed to build a unique mix of talented makers and ambitious marketers multi-skilled in UX, UI, design, development, mobile, product management, digital marketing, user acquisition, lead generation, SEO and PR. All the skills you need to turn ideas into tangible, healthy, selling products and they are a lovely bunch too.

A bunch who are ambitious and hungry to learn, to experiment and improve, driven to prove themselves and their skills and make and market great products.

We’re also lucky to have a great network who have provided invaluable advice; spanning VCs, product designers, entrepreneurs, ex-agency partners, HR managers and culture experts. All have helped us create the best environment we can at Ideas Made. Advice we are very grateful for and which we believe is starting to pay off.

We’ve had our heads down, working hard for our clients and building the team. We haven’t had the time to tell the world about what we do yet but another strong validation for us has been the enthusiasm we’ve encountered from innovative brand managers, start up entrepreneurs and forward thinking advertising creatives for the work we have done. And we’ve been working on some really interesting projects which are starting to get attention around the world as our portfolio grows. For example we are proud to have been selected to help innovative brand managers test NFC and iBeacon location based marketing products as well as prototyping IoT hardware, both new technologies on unproven ground. We are also proud of the startups we’ve helped prototype and improve their products as well as grow their user base, and are glad to be working with well known brands who use our skills to deliver quality web and app development and digital marketing campaigns.

Looking forward it is an exciting time at Ideas Made. We’ve grown a great team, found our feet and established ourselves as a global business having opened an office in Slovenia for our tech team this year. We’ve experimented, learned from mistakes and continue to keep learning, knowing we have a long way to go. We’ve started to create a tech scene in South East London with our monthly meetups and are looking at how we can support our local community as we get to know more people here. We’re outgrowing our shipping container office so we’ll have to see where we end up next and if we can continue to be part of the rapid redevelopment of Elephant and Castle.

And then there’s Covet, our next product, an evolution of NINE with bigger aspirations in Beta now and launching very soon.

Ready. Fire. Aim