Prototyping Your Eco-friendly Power Needs

A rapid prototyping design project to create a solar-powered iPhone charger application

The Brief

Ikinen is an innovative consumer goods team, with ambitions to produce high-quality products that also educate their users on their environmental impact. We helped them to prototype the connection and dedicated app for their first project, a solar-powered iPhone charger, as they progressed through the JLabs (John Lewis Labs) programme.

What we did
User Experience
User Interface Design
Mobile Development
BLE Connectivity

Ideas Made were instrumental in ensuring that we were ready in time for our JLab deadline. We’re grateful for the skill they showed in branding and prototyping our app, and would recommend them to any other startups looking for support.

Having worked with Ikinen to develop their branding, next we were able to establish a design language that would work perfectly right through their application and brochure site.

Clear different states for charging via sunlight, mains or discharging to phone the prototype were produced in a working prototyping. Meanwhile the visual design was also used to show an example of just how much CO2 could be saved on personal, community, and global scales if users switched from mains charging to Ikinen for their power.

Our technical task was to develop the means of connecting to the Ikinen hardware prototype, designed to show off its handsome Italian design, whilst it was also in development. Working in tandem with RPD International, we created a means to communicate via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) - crucially keeping power usage to a minimum whilst gathering all of the important information to provide live data to the iOS app.

We look forward to seeing where Ikinen take their idea next.