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In December 2016, we released our latest product - Covet.

The idea for Covet came about as a follow-up to NINE, a visual to-do list app we designed lin 2015. NINE quickly rose to over 30K followers with features from Apple, Wired, Gizmodo, Stuff and a few other publications due to its deceptively simple solution to a common problem.

We had a number of potential ideas for features, and whilst the core of our idea felt strong - we wanted to develop our MVP with further user testing. To keep focused, we ran a Google Ventures (GV) design sprint (which you can read more about here - we recommend the book if you want a deep dive into the process). Monday morning: lots of coffee. Friday afternoon: a working prototype ready for user testing.

During the product development process we gathered three rounds of feedback which we used to inform our product roadmap; user research interviews before kicking off the design sprint, user testing of our prototype and feedback on our proposition using a series of different brochure sites.

With our product roadmap in place, we could now concentrate on building the app. With refined branding and UX guidelines, our dev team was able to get going. About three weeks later, we were ready to launch in early December. We created a feature prioritisation chart to determine which features were a must - and categorised the rest as “should”, “could” and “won’t”. The development sprint was tight, making sure it ran to time and that each “must” and “should” feature was prioritised.


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