A Verified Success

An SEO and content marketing plan to acquire users for a B2B financial services client


Building from the ground up, we delivered a full SEO and content marketing plan for a fintech startup specialising in identity verification and - growing their user base and increasing search engine traffic by 426%.

Direct ID
What we did
Content marketing
How did we do it?

We successfully identified and targeted senior stakeholders in blue chip finance companies such as banks, and insurance companies featured on the FTSE 100.

Keyword research & content gap analysis

We produced in depth keyword research looking a the user intent behind the keywords, and developed an in-depth understanding of how people usually search for news and information around this very complex product.

Technical audit and website migration

When we started working with the client, they ranked amazingly well in Indonesia due to their .id TLD, but consequently nowhere else. We were able to build a case for moving the entire business to a new .co domain, resulting in Google viewing recognising their generic TLD allowing us to rank in the UK, USA and Australia.

Content production

Our specialist copywriter helped us craft high volumes of specialist content that was fit for consumption by some of the UK’s finest financial minds.

Creative outreach

We started to look at the more playful side of their product and developed a series of infographics around personal data and security, one of which was featured in The Next Web and Intercontinental Finance magazines.

Regular Content

To create trust in the brand and further traffic we also created a regular column in a trade magazine for our client, writing content that they were happy to put their name to.

What were the results?
  • 426% traffic increase after 6 months

  • Over 100 highly technical and complex articles created