Making Their Business Fly Online

A content and link building strategy that took Etihad's traffic into the stratosphere

What did we do?

Etihad tasked us with proving the efficacy of link building in the extremely competitive global travel market.

We needed to generate high-quality backlinks to their site for high competition flight destination keywords, in the challenging long-haul business and first class sectors, all without changing their existing site content. We set out on a mission to show how this could work using offsite content and technical link building.

Etihad Airways
What we did
Content marketing
Link building
How did we do it?

With some tight constraints in place, we focussed on a mix of technical and creative link building activities.

Technical link building

We successfully built links using;

  • Brand and image reclamation - the process of finding brand mentions in news articles without links and requesting a citation link is added back to the source.
  • Backlink analysis - analysing intersecting competitor backlinks in order to find travel hub pages that would benefit from our clients information and links to their resource pages.

  • Broken link building- finding related websites that link to a broken or old resource then creating a new resource and offering it as a replacement

Creative content outreach

We followed a COPE (create once, publish everywhere) strategy for our content creation. Our site - a spoof of Airbnb - featured famous movie destinations available to rent, which were released to allow us ‘newsjack’, capitalising on the noise around other big movie releases.

  • 78% increase in organic traffic, and the corresponding increase in revenues

  • Created 300 links in 5 months
  • Included links from Guardian, Daily Mail & Huffington Post