Taking Portals into the Future

An innovative 3D HTML prototype and three.js build for a cutting-edge venture capitalist fund


Working closely with visionary founder and investor, Martijn De Wever, and film motion graphic experts, Territory, we built a next-generation solution for managing investments online.

Territory, responsible for the interface designs in films such as Prometheus and Iron Man, created an ambitious vision for the new Fomcap site - managing an investment portfolio in 3 dimensions and in the same way on any device or platform. This meant that It was first necessary to rapid prototype in a variety of javascript libraries to find the most technically feasible option for the final build.

Force Over Mass
What we did
HTML prototype
HTML5 build
3D build

Force Over Mass are on a journey to become the next big thing in online start up investment. The Ideas Made team have played a fundamental part in helping me bring that vision to life so far, and continue to be our chosen partner for development and digital marketing.

Force Over Mass Capital Dashboard

Simultaneously we were engaged on the UX, putting in place the nuts and bolts of an investment platform, and considering all of the legal and regulatory requirements. And of course, the standards needed to be balanced against the needs of a particularly time-poor and digitally-savvy audience.

An iterative approach to the build meant that even once we’d workshopped to create the framework we needed to commence development, we still had the flexibility to continually optimise the flow and design of the site.

Following on from the successful launch, there’s still a backlog of exciting new features that we will be implementing in the near future. We’re now focussed on analysing how people are using the platform, and how we can optimise that user experience.