Sainsbury's Food Rescue Campaign

A Google project helping to reduce food waste in the UK


In the UK almost 50% of food in the home is wasted. Here at IM we are proud to have played a part in helping Google and Sainsbury’s tackle food waste in the UK with an innovative web app called Sainsbury’s Food Rescue, powered by Google. The aim being to reduce the 4 million tonnes of good food that is wasted each year.

What we did
Project Management
The project

Alongside our good friends at WEIR+WONG, we’re proud to have been involved in this exciting Google project, ‘Sainsbury’s Food Rescue’. It uses cutting edge Google technology to help Sainsbury's customers reduce food waste in the UK.  Check out the launch video and see how you can stop wasting and start saving. This was an awesome project for us to be involved in and great credit goes to the amazing B-Reel, who were the production company delivering the website and launch video.

Technology used

Google’s web speech API (voice search) allowing hands free recipe search

Google maps API for custom UK map visualisation

Streamed Google hangouts on air

Customized Google search API

App engine build & Google Cloud Services hosting

HTML5 responsive design