Le Club

A next-generation NFC loyalty scheme, beginning with a prototype to match the ambition


Our mission was to bring to life an exciting NFC (Near Field Communication) concept for Grey Goose Vodka, and their creative agency, Mr President. They wanted to create a truly next generation loyalty scheme, giving Grey Goose’s VIP customers RFID (Radio-frequency identification) enabled sterling silver geese which would unlock exclusive experiences across the globe. 

The first task was to prove that the technology could match their ambition, which is why they turned to us for our prototyping expertise.

Grey Goose / Mr President
What we did
Hybrid Mobile Application
Technical Support
On-site Deployment

I needed a reliable team with extensive UX and tech expertise to field test an innovative NFC-enabled prototype, and within a very tight timescale. The Ideas Made team delivered.

Grey Goose Vodka Le Club 03

Our initial field test was to take place on the slopes of Courchevel just five weeks after the initial briefing. In that time we needed to determine the best technical approach, design the user experience, organise the hardware for both the geese and for the application we’d be building. A tall order indeed.

The test would see Grey Goose brand ambassadors equipped with a mobile app to enable them to offer customers a consultation on the slopes (in the bars and restaurants) and select a free bespoke cocktail based on their flavour profiles. The ambassadors were to be provided with silver geese ‘trinkets’ loaded with an RFID tag that would allow them to save the customer’s details to that unique tag number. The customers would then invited to the Grey Goose pop up bar and asked to present their goose to the host. After scanning the goose, they’d  welcome the customer by name, seat them – and then bring them the bespoke cocktail picked for them during their consultation. Each individual goose would therefore become the customer’s pass into a club that would give them access to exclusive experiences in locations all over the world - with Courchevel just the start.

Grey Goose Device 3
How did we do it?

We first ran a UX workshop with the Mr.President team and mapped out the different user journeys for the consultants and hostess’. We discussed the application, technologies and recommended the best devices and platforms to make it happen – Nexus 9 Android tablets with MiFare Ultralight 1K NFC tags – in case you were wondering!

We also consulted with the hardware provider (RPD International) who had the difficult task of getting an NFC tag into a unique silver goose trinket, make 1,000 and have them shipped in 3 weeks! Once we confirmed the tag type our friends at RPD got to work on finding an innovative way to include the tag.

Using the user flows we created, Mr. President designed the screens for the app and we got to work implementing them. After completing the Android app we tested it, and the devices, against various scenarios using prototypes of the NFC hardware. We also built the front end campaign website landing page as well as some back end processes to auto-tweet and email customers who took part to remind them to come to the bar for their cocktail.

Grey Goose Vodka Le Club 02
Results and future plans

The end product was a slick but simple app that any ambassador or host could pick up and get the hang of in 5 minutes. We also flew to the ski resort to offer technical support to the Grey Goose team, this was an experiment after all, so we were glad to be able to observe first hand how it worked and what issues arose. And of course, we also got a day on the slopes.

The result of the campaign was very promising with plenty of interest generated at the resort and a great redemption rate. We had also created a data dashboard, allowing us to track how the campaign unfolded live, which proved very useful. We uncovered some valuable learnings and all agreed the campaign has massive potential, so we are super excited to see where Grey Goose take it next, and keen to apply our experience to more projects in this area.