Making it Rain in Ibiza

A digital marketing strategy for the fiercely contested travel sector


Summer Villas are one of Ibiza’s leading holiday rental agencies, but in such a fiercely competitive market it pays to take a bold approach to your marketing activity, and Summer Villas did just that. Their simple task – increase the revenue generated by all digital channels.

Ibiza Summer Villas
What we did
Content marketing
How did we do it?

Our initial focus was on making the most of the traffic we already received before seeking to increase it. To this end we completely overhauled the site information architecture to optimise conversion rates.

Next we needed to get creative in finding ways to drive more traffic, which resulted in the Iron Man Villa. A clever use of the existing search traffic around the films, and their crossover with luxury accommodation, our content quickly took flight across the internet – featuring on diverse sites including, Glamour, Huffington Post, Yahoo travel and the Daily Mail.

How did it go?

We successfully doubled the size of the Summer Villas business within 12 months via organic search.
We also helped the site rank for key terms, and even beat one of the industry giants – Tripadvisor.