Press for Peroni

Your favourite beer delivered at home using an IOT button

Press for Peroni

Beer with the press of a button? Yup, we built it. The Peroni Beer Button is a Wi-Fi connected device that’ll automatically add bottles of Peroni to your Ocado shopping trolley when you press it. We invited Ocado customers to take part in a beta test to find out if an in-home button would affect purchase behavior, and if the tech would seamlessly integrate into their lives.

As this was a beta test, our goal was to build a rough prototype to prove the tech would work and create an end-to-end experience for Peroni and Ocado as a proof of concept. After a series of initial workshops with Peroni, we swapped between build and iteration over the course of 5 months - creating 5 different versions of the button along the way before our prototype was ready to be sent out to Ocado customers.




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