Event Management and Data Prototype

An MVP for an NFC-enabled event system

The Brief

The founder of this confidential new start up approached us to help them define and create a prototype that would establish the business case for their events management startup. Their product - at heart an application for an NFC reader/writer - needed to combine NFC technology with robust data management and a thoroughly defined user experience; with all of the potential problems that can arise in a live event situation. Our initial testing was to take place at a Shoreditch-based festival of music, art and technology.

Events start up
What we did
User Experience
Customer Experience
Mobile Application
Backend Development
Data Capture
Famoco Device Tap Nfc Reader

Our first tasks for the client were to use our extensive event and NFC experience to turn their ambitious plans into an MVP. Releasing an MVP into a live environment is always risky, so we had to be careful to balance the requirements of delivering a great experience and testing the product simultaneously.

How did we do it?

We broke the build into a series of sprints, allowing us to be flexible in ticking of the ‘must’ and ‘should’ have features. Our approach for testing was necessarily more rigid, ensuring that we were able to use a combination of the RFID bands and the app to cover all scenarios.

What were the results?

We were proud to be part of such a great event, and look forward to seeing where our new startup partner takes their idea next - they certainly generated a huge amount of data to test their product assumptions.