Beer Beacons

An app created with iBeacon technology to send location specific offers and messages to customers


SAB Miller (now ABInBev) asked us to partner with them to explore the potential of using location-based technology to enhance user engagement within retail spaces, such as pubs and supermarkets.

As owners of over 150 brands, including Pilsner Urquell and Grolsch, SAB Miller have chosen to partner with us on a number of projects to discover and test new ways of engaging with customers through the use of innovative technology.

SAB Miller
What we did
Mobile development
User Experience

Ideas Made have worked on several innovation projects for SAB Miller. So far they’ve helped us prototype, evaluate and effectively demonstrate a range of cutting edge technology - such as iBeacons and the Internet of Things, to both our internal teams and external partners. Very impressive.

Our brief was to build an iPhone app to send location specific offers and key product information to customers.  After an in-depth requirements gathering workshop, we decided to use iBeacons to determine a customer's location and then alert them to special offers at nearby pubs and supermarkets, such as Tesco. 

See how the technology can be used to drive business into a retail location with offers:

Beacons can also be used indoors, see how offers can be combined to increase sales:

Sab Miller Beer Beacons
About iBeacons

iBeacons are small, low energy transmitters that announce their presence to devices in proximity, in this case, a user’s iPhone. The technology is widely used in a number of applications to tailor user experiences for example, to relay nearby discount offers, share event information or tracking your tube journey.

The app wasn’t without its challenges, however, after some rigorous iterative testing and development, we produced a working prototype for SABMiller to demo to their wider team and partners.