What are you really into?

A partnership with Spotify to help users discover their musical footprint

What are you really into?

Our brief was to work with the Guardian Labs team to build an interactive campaign to promote Spotify Discover Weekly.

To reflect the uniqueness of Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists, we designed and developed an interactive web application which generated a personalised musical footprint and genre catalogue, bespoke to each Spotify user.

‘What are you really into?’ invites Spotify users to log in with their Spotify account to generate a unique visual footprint and genre list based on their most played tracks and ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist. For each genre, of which there are over 1,400 on Spotify!

The interactive attracted approx 40,000 visitors over a 4 week period. The most popular genres as highlighted by the campaign were: permanent wave, chamber pop, indie r&b, neo-psychedelic and metropopolis.


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